Due to COVID-19 and out of concern for the safety and well being of my clients all sessions will take place via a secure and HIPAA compliant telemedicine system. Posted 3/20/20.

Peace Comes From Within


Today you are one step closer to personal empowerment and peace of mind.

Suzanne May

Suzanne May, MA, LP

This may be the first time you are looking for a therapist due to a major life change or loss. Or, perhaps you have been living with a difficult situation for a long time and have explored therapy websites in the past with some hesitation or trepidation. Life situations and stressors tend to ebb and flow, building over time. Whether you have been caught unaware or have been dealing with a difficult situation for some time, seeking support is a sign of wellness. It indicates a readiness for growth and a willingness to release negative patterns that once worked but now no longer serve you. Greater joy in life and a deep sense of well being are possible.

My role as a therapist is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and facilitate changes that enhance your life. I will work collaboratively with you in order to create the change you want by calling upon a variety of proven therapy techniques tailored to you and your situation.

If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to fulfill your dreams and gain greater peace of mind.

Please visit the About Me page to learn more about my practice and how I can support you in bringing about positive change in your life.

If you’re ready to take that first step, please call or email me for a therapy consultation today. I look forward to hearing from you!